Best and weirdest scents from Germany…

There are some smells that waft past my nostrils which always tell me I’m in Germany. Here is a short list of my favourites and how to catch them.

> Weirdly I love the smell of train stations, can’t really describe the smell, but it’s kind of oily and industrial, but to me it smells like travelling. Might be the heat off the tracks or some of the chemicals used to keep them well slicked and properly functional, but I do really like the smell. Wouldn’t have though S/U-Bahns would be so appealing!

> In Heidelberg, especially in my house, the smell when it rains is amazing as I live on the edge of a forest. It smells like trees.

> Walking past a Bratwurst stand. There’s always a barbecue in Germany.

>The slightly sweet and tangy scent of stale beer whenever you walk into a bar/pub.

> When Galeria Kaufhof doors swing open and the department store perfume waft hits you in the face.

>Night time definitely has an unmistakeable pong- can’t describe it, but it’s probably the scents that go undetected throughout the day due to heat, traffic movement and whatever else.

>Summer bbqs (kind of like the Bratwurst thing) Germans love a good bbq, and the scent of slightly overcooked meat is nothing short of heavenly.

> The smell of the library- the library (in the Germanistisches Seminar) is the nicest library I have ever had the pleasure of setting foot in. It’s literally like Hogwarts. Silence and the smell of millions of pages and cleaner than clean carpets, wood, shelving and peace is the greatest scent on earth for a learning environment.

I am starting to sound too deep even for me. Did I just call myself deep? Mehhh fuck it!



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